Unable to Enable BigFix WebUI Detect content

The inital configuration of BigFix Detect is not quite intuitive and since the capability is new to BigFix, the documentation is still not up the standards we expect from BigFix today.

If you are running the getting Enable BigFix WebUI Detect content Task from the BigFix console and your BigFix server is on Linux and reporting an Exit code of two, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue.

First, the Detect installation routine requires curl be installed on your Red Hat Enterprise Linux server.  The installation also assumes that the version of curl support the --tlsv1.2 parameter. There are versions of curl do not have this as a valid command line option.  You can verify tls 1.2 support by running the following command from the command line
# /usr/bin/curl --tlsv1.2

If you get back the following error:
curl: option --tlsv1.2: is unknown

You'll need to make a slight modification to your installation scripts to enable the BigFix WebUI Detect content.
Edit the /var/opt/BESClient/__BESData/Detect/importMasthead.sh. On line 98, remove the --tlsv1.2 option from the curl command.
After doing that, you can go ahead and run the Enable BigFix WebUI Detect content task from the BigFix console again and the Take Action should complete successfully!

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