WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration enables companies to rapidly connect their hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds, and on-premise applications.

Rapidly deliver cloud integration projects in days and achieve higher return on investment in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud models. Leverage reusable process templates and use a "configuration, not coding" approach to solve the entire lifecycle of your cloud integration.




Deployment Options

You can deploy projects in the following form factors, each providing the same functionality:

  • WebSphere DataPower Cast Iron Appliance XH40: A self-contained physical appliance built on market-leading IBM technology that provides everything needed to connect cloud and on-premise applications.
  • WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition: A virtual appliance that can be installed on your existing servers by using virtualization technology. It provides the same functionality as the physical appliance.
  • WebSphere Cast Iron Live: A complete multi-tenant cloud service that you can use to design, run, and manage all of your integrations in the cloud.


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