A model-driven development platform for software architecture


Market faster with reduces risks

IBM® Rational® Software Architect family is a suite of integrated design, modeling and development software applications, which are delivered on a highly extensible platform. The applications are built on the Eclipse open-source software framework and can be extended through a variety of Eclipse plugins, as well as extensions specifically for Rational tools. Rational Software Architect products can tame complexity, manage risk and help ensure development of high-quality software, while shortening the learning curve of new technologies.



Rational Software Architect Design Manager:

Enables teams to share, collaborate and manage design information across the application development lifecycle.

Rational Software Architect Extension for C++:

Extends the value of IBM Rational Software Architect to solutions that include C++.

Rational Software Architect Extension for Communications Applications:

Extends Rational Software Architect and Rational Software Architect for WebSphere® to provide advanced design and delivery tools for solutions including communications-enabled applications (CEAs) and integration of CEAs with operational and billing systems.

Rational Software Architect Extension for Deployment Automation Planning:

Automation and provisioning of infrastructure configuration and software deployment

Rational Software Architect Simulation Toolkit:

Lets you test and validate your architecture to help ensure that high-quality applications are developed. This toolkit extends Rational Software Architect to simulate and validate architectures and their behaviors before they are implemented.