You face rising pressures to deliver solutions faster, with fewer skilled resource, in the face of continuously changing business goals. You seek to leverage new technologies such as Web 2.0, SOA, agile and lean processes yet their rapid adoption may lead to compromised architectural integrity and increased project and compliance risks. You need IBM Rational Software Architect, the solution for taming complexity, managing risk, ensuring high quality software, and shortening the learning curve of new technologies to allow you to focus on creative solutions and get to market faster with architectures and applications that are built to last.

Product Editions

Software Architect

Provides integrated design and development support for model-driven development with the UML

Software Architect Design Manager

Enables teams to share, collaborate and manage design information across the application development lifecycle.

Software Architect for WebSphere Software

A modeling and software factories platform optimized for JEE, SOA, and WebSphere

Related extensions

Software Architect Extension for Integrated Architecture Frameworks

Leverage Integrated Architecture Frameworks and integration with requirements management to represent business concerns and richly interconnect them to the requirements and representations of your solution architectures

Software Architect Extension for Deployment Planning

Bridge the Development-Operations communication gap with semantically rich topology templates and deployment models to ensure that your software solutions deploy correctly on the first attempt

Software Architect Extension for Deployment Automation Planning

Automate and provision the configuration of infrastructures and the deployment of software solutions

Deployment Automation Content Pack for RAFW and WAS

Eliminate scripting and manual effort to automate the standup and configuration of WAS deployment environments

Software Architect Extension for SOA and WebSphere

Deliver Java Enterprise Edition and SOA solutions, optimized to target IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal Server

Software Architect Extension for C++

Extend the value of Rational Software Architect to solutions that include C++ implementations

Software Architect Extension for Communications Applications

Leverage industry standards and protocols to incorporate IP-based video, voice, and data communications into your new or existing applications and integrate them with operational and billing systems

Software Architect Simulation Toolkit

Provide advanced capabilities for requirements identification and validation, design review and validation, and front-end quality assurance

Related products

Rational Team Concert

Use Team Concert to manage your development artifacts and integrate them with change requests and work items, all in a common team collaboration environment.

Rational BuildForge

Use BuildForge to automate the deployment plans you create with Rational Software Architect (Standard or WebSphere edition). 

Rational Asset Manager

Manage your reusable assets such as process and software models, deployment templates and topologies, patterns, transformations, and profiles.

Tivoli Asset Discovery

Find existing infrastructure and capture the specs in deployment topologies used to plan new software deployments using Rational Software Architect