IBM SmartCloud Provisioning combines infrastructure and platform management capabilities to deliver rapid provisioning, scalability and advanced image management for virtualized and cloud environments. 

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Key Benefits

  • Accelerated deployments across hybrid and public clouds through repeatable workload patterns.
  • Advanced image lifecycle management to control VM sprawl and optimize virtualized environments for great efficiency.
  • Rapid provisioning and high scalability to meet business growth with near-instant deployment of hundreds of virtual machines.
  • Low-touch infrastructure designed to reduce manual errors, enhance security and compliance, and increase administrator productivity.
  • Simplified management of heterogeneous environmentsincluding integration and support for VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack technologies.

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Real Businesses, Real Results "IBM SmartCloud Provisioning is very easy to install and very easy to maintain. Our monthly recurring revenue has tripled twice in the last year but our operational costs have remained flat"



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