Optimized, automated service management helps reduce costs and service disruptions

IBM® SmartCloud™ Control Desk unified asset and service management software provides a common control center for managing business processes for both digital and physical assets. This IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant software is accessible through mobile devices and integrates with social media and development tools. Now you can choose the delivery model you need such as on-premise, software as a service (SaaS) or VM image and seamlessly change it when your business needs evolve.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk:

  • Service request management gives you an efficient service desk for handling service requests and managing incidents.
  • Change, configuration and release management provides advanced impact analysis and automated change procedures designed to reduce risk and support integrity of services.
  • IT asset lifecycle management provides inventory management and software license compliance capabilities. Helps to manage assets throughout their lifecycle, optimizing usage of digital and physical assets and minimizing compliance risks.
  • Service catalog helps users solve their own problems. Provides an intuitive self-help portal and a complete catalog of services.
  • Support for service providers supply service support and service delivery capabilities for multiple customers in a single deployed instance. This can help increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Service request management

  • Prioritizes incident response based on business service impact.
  • Speeds problem resolution with a searchable solutions knowledge base and embedded remote diagnostics. Agents can remotely take over workstations and chat with users for faster request fulfillment.
  • Provides ticket templates and pre-populate work order fields with service request information through integration with telephony software from Genesys and Cisco.
  • Automatically classifies tickets based on keywords and detail fields. Can synchronize tickets through bi-directional integration with BMC Remedy and HP Service Center.
  • Processes emails into inbound service requests. Service requests can be created, viewed and approved using Blackberry, Apple iOS and Android devices.

Change, configuration and release management

  • Calendaring allows you to schedule changes to minimize their impact. Automated change scheduling can help avoid blackout periods. A blackout period identification feature shows critical business timeframes when outages would be expensive.
  • Change and release authorization helps prevent unauthorized changes by verifying authorization access based on roles.
  • Compliance policy enforcement tracks and records changes throughout the organization. It manages the desired states of configuration items (CIs), applications and service configurations to help validate compliance.
  • CI auditing and remediation immediately remediates an audit variance.
  • Approved images are deployed from the definitive media library. Integrates with IBM Rational® Asset Manager and supports a number of media libraries.

IT asset lifecycle management

  • Provides a current, proactively managed authorized repository of assets. Tracks and controls hardware assets installations, moves, additions and changes (IMAC). Also manages a complete view of software entitlements for the enterprise.
  • Provides an accurate inventory of deployed software. Automates license tracking to help meet compliance requirements and reduce the time, cost and risk associated with compliance audits.
  • Generates asset reports that help you identify inactive assets or redeploy underutilized assets.
  • Allows you to pick a solution delivery model such as traditional on-premise, SaaS or VM image that is affordable and meets your current business needs.
  • Helps you seamlessly move between delivery models while keeping the same functionality.

Service catalog

  • Publishes a list of available services for users to search and order. Automates the fulfillment of service requests with runbook automation, minimizing manual intervention required to deliver user requests.
  • Associates cost information to services. Now users can understand how much services cost and manage their services consumption accordingly.
  • Supports service entitlement, which allows service catalog entries to be provided based on a group or business unit.
  • Provides service definition templates for common service items that helps you save time and reduce the cost of catalog development.
  • Provides job plan templates, which can help reduce the cost of creating work orders.

Support for service providers

  • Multiple billing methods give you visibility into all of the costs of providing service support and service delivery. Customers gain transparency into their service usage.
  • Repository for customer agreements performs entitlement checks. These checks help you make sure that the customers are entitled to services requested and are correctly charged.
  • Response plans for requests automatically assign the appropriate person or response team to handle each request. Interactive, action-based workflows enable automated service delivery and help provide consistency.
  • Multi-customer operations allow you to run multiple customers in one instance. This feature segregates customer data and helps reduce the cost of maintenance and upkeep.
  • A versatile reporting engine generates reports, displays key performance indicators on dashboards, and provides ad hoc query functionality. A query wizard allows users to define and schedule their own reports.

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