WebSphere Application Server offers valuable options for a fast and flexible Java application server runtime environment and enhanced reliability and resiliency

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An application server that can go from single server to a moderately sized configurations or to a dynamic web applications requiring web tier clustering and fail over across multiple application server instances

  • Includes the Liberty profile, which is optimized for developer productivity and web application deployment. Its incredibly fast restart time, small size, and ease of use makes the Liberty profile a great option for developers building applications that do not require the full Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment of traditional enterprise application server profiles.

  • Supports IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition V7.0 as an optional pluggable JDK. Java 6 EE is installed with the product and used by default.

  • WebSphere Batch provides a higher quality of service by leveraging OLTP and batch applications on the same infrastructure.

  • Developer tool options to meet project development needs, enhanced Migration Toolkit support, and support for the Web 2.0 and Mobile Toolkit.

  • Reduce costs and downtime through high performance to consolidate workloads, infrastructure and administrative tasks with enhanced Web server load balancing and failover

  • New Alphas for WebSphere Application Server and Developer Tools is focused on Liberty profile enhancements to performance, security, configuration, and programming model support.

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