IBM BPM Industry Packs is a set of prebuilt assets to help accelerate delivery of standards-based industry solutions for banking, healthcare, and telecommunications with BPM.

Each industry-specific pack integrates seamlessly with BPM components and provides a variety of prebuilt assets to help accelerate and enhance process optimization through BPM solution delivery.

  • Library of banking assets for core banking, payments, customer care, and integrated risk management

  • Out-of-the-box new account opening solution scenario serves as a starting point for proof of concept (POC) and solution implementations

  • Library of healthcare assets for enrollment, case management, employer and group management, claims management, and provider collaboration

  • Out-of-the-box benefits eligibility solution scenario serves as a starting point for POC and implementations

  • Library of telecom assets for fulfillment, assurance, billing, customer interaction, inventory, catalog, and media life cycle processing

  • Out-of-the-box order handling and incidence and problem management solution scenarios serve as starting points for POCs and solution delivery.

  • The Banking, Healthcare, and Telecom industry content available with the IBM BPM Industry Packs offering is specifically designed to work with IBM Business Process Manager. The IBM WebSphere Industry Content Packs offering is still available as well, and includes industry content for Insurance and Product Lifecycle Management.

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