IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager provides service health visibility & business context and prioritization for managing critical business services

IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager allows business and operations teams to manage the complex relationships between services and the supporting technology infrastructure

Provides real-time service visibility and health indicators, business context and impact to support response prioritization. This closely aligns Lines of Business and IT Operations teams allowing collaborative and holistic management of services and dynamic infrastructures such as cloud.

  • Multiple KPI historical time analysis and tracking
  • Dynamic visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time
  • Real-time service status calculated against business indicators, not just underlying IT availability and performance
  • Patented, non-intrusive real-time data access layer to leverage existing sources of asset data
  • Real-time Service Level Tracking
  • Out-of-box business service reporting and charting
  • Granular user and role permissions to control views and filter
  • Multi-customer role based dashboards with single product instance
  • Extensive operating system platform support
  • Tight integration with a large host of IBM Tivoli's products and many third-party data sources using patented technology
  • Direct support to Autonomic Computing by providing real-time insight into the availability, performance, and integrity of e-business infrastructure, as well as the critical business services and processes that facilitate day-to-day business operations.
  • Efficiently works across platforms such as Microsoft, Distributed and Mainframe

Features and benefits:

Dynamically visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time Real-time service level tracking

Custom service visualization that integrates business and operational key performance indicators (KPIs), service status, health, consolidated events, and other real-time
business service intelligence in targeted, audience-specific dashboards
Significant improvement in meantime to repair (MTTR) and accountability
Real-time Service Level Tracking Leverage not only availability, performance, and integrity information, but also business activity to determine true service health and business impact Protect return on investment (ROI) for lines of businesses and business units
Multi-customer role based dashboards with single product instance Single effective interface for service visibility and intelligence for both business and operational audience Reduced burden on technical support
Create service models using KPI status representing the business and the business impacts. Open and flexible approach to building service models that collects and analyses real-time data from virtually any IBM or third-party tool or data source Reduction in unscheduled downtime

Latest Information about TBSM

Latest information about IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager