Improve business outcomes through enhanced visibility and actionable insights by monitoring business activity for distributed platforms and z/os.

IBM Business Monitor is cross-process, cross-system comprehensive business activity monitoring (BAM) software that provides real-time operational visibility.

IBM Business Monitor provides real-time visibility and insight into operational processes, transactions and events with customizable, role-based dashboards allowing organizations to act promptly and decisively to optimize business operations and draw further savings from increased efficiencies.

  • Provides greater visibility and insight that enable better business outcomes by monitoring end-to-end business transactions that span process, department and system boundaries
  • Empowers businesses by providing real-time visibility into operational processes, transactions and events with early detection, alerts, and timely notifications to manage business situations, along with the ability to take corrective action, if necessary
  • Provides a high-performance business activity monitoring solution for processes and applications running in disparate environments, which may or may not be implemented using any BPM technology
  • Accelerates BAM implementations with built-in support from IBM BPM, SOA and Decision Management offerings, as well as Sterling Commerce Center, CICS and IMS
  • Enables businesses to address potential problems before they occur with capabilities for displaying predicted future values in dashboards and generating proactive alerts
  • Facilitates insight when and where needed with views of KPIs, metrics, and alerts through Web interfaces, mobile devices and corporate portals to instantly respond at the point of impact
  • Enhances time-to-value with auto-generated dashboards containing KPIs, instance data, diagrams, alerts and Cognos BI reports
  • Fully integrates Cognos Business Intelligence Server 10.1.1 for advanced analysis and reporting on historical data
  • Available for both distributed platforms and z/OS

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IBM Business Monitor enables business agility through real-time process visibility

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