What it can do for your business

IBM Technology Support Services - Lifecycle Maintenance Support helps you extend the life of existing IT equipment to maximize return on investment while proactively planning for refresh with a clear and known schedule. As your single source for multivendor IT support, we offer a lifecycle solution for all of your IT equipment to help you optimize system availability and reduce IT complexity. We can design a managed support solution that meets your unique business requirements and helps you reduce the risk of downtime.




Substantially reduce maintenance costs

Enable more predictable budgeting

Optimize warranty coverage

Use a planned refresh strategy of new-for-old equipment replacement under a maintenance agreement for end-of-life or end-of-service equipment. Gain consistent budgeting through better equipment lifecycle maintenance by using a flat fee spread over your maintenance contract equipment repair and maintenance costs. Deploy new devices and reduce maintenance costs for warranty-entitled machines.


Four good reasons to use these services

  • Simplify IT complexity and support higher availability
  • Reduce IT costs through more effective lifecycle maintenance
  • Free your internal resources to focus on business innovation
  • Rely on in-depth expertise from IBM