Rational Policy Tester. Ensure quality, privacy and accessiblity of Web properties

IBM Rational Policy Tester is a leading automated Online Compliance solution to assess quality, privacy, and accessibility compliance issues across corporate web properties. Features of IBM Rational Policy Tester include a patented scan engine for enterprise wide assessment and analysis, issue management to help prioritize issues for immediate resolution, and web-based executive dashboards and actionable reports to quickly drill down into issues and share results across business units.

Product Editions

Policy Tester OnDemand Privacy, Quality and Accessibility Edition

Identifies and prioritizes Web content regulatory compliance issues via SaaS model

Policy Tester Privacy Edition

Uncovers, reports online privacy oversights that expose the organization to undue risk.

Policy Tester Quality Edition

Assesses and reports content quality issues that can create negative impressions.

Policy Tester Accessibility Edition

Helps ensure accessibility of Web sites to all users.