Provides a standards-based identity platform that reduces deployment complexity and fragmentation while improving the user experience


Simplifies identity and directory management

IBM Security Directory Suite is a scalable, standards-based identity platform that simplifies identity and directory management. Directory Suite helps collapse identity silos into a single authoritative identity source. This unified identity enables faster and more agile application deployment and improved user experience. Directory Suite also captures user insight for auditing and compliance reporting.



A single view of identities

Faster time to value, easier maintenance

Enterprise-wide identity management

Provides flexible directory consolidation capabilities to easily aggregate identity silos, creating a single view of identities. Offers a virtual appliance form factor for faster time to value and easier maintenance. Delivers a scalable directory backbone, using existing infrastructure for enterprise-wide identity and access management.


Key features of IBM Security Directory Suite

  • Flexible directory consolidation
  • Virtual appliance form factor
  • Scalable directory backbone
  • Simplified cloud integration
  • Flexible, automated data manipulation
  • Intelligent search and social networking capabilities
  • In-depth user insight


How IBM Security Directory Suite works


Flexible directory consolidation

IBM Security Directory Suite enables the creation of an authoritative identity data infrastructure that can accelerate the deployment of critical business on demand applications such as identity management, access management and portal solutions. It facilitates quick and effective integration of data residing in heterogeneous directories, databases, files, collaborative systems, and applications, while federating authentication to the original data sources.

Flexible, automated data manipulation

With Security Directory Suite, you can facilitate data migration and transformation to other file formats and synchronization between two or more systems, while supporting scheduled synchronization with event-driven workflow. It eliminates the need to modify existing systems by applying integration on top of existing resources.

Virtual appliance form factor

The virtual appliance facilitates quick deployment, simplified maintenance and easy upgrades. It frees organizations from the hassles of managing a complex application software and database stack to focus instead on enabling business with a robust identity platform.

Intelligent search and social networking capabilities

Intelligent White Pages search capabilities are combined with social networking features to provide a ready-to-use, social network-enabled application. You can easily look up contact information, pictures, organizational charts and more.

Scalable directory backbone

Security Directory Suite scales from small to large deployments and supports hundreds of millions of entries using IBM DB2 technology and a built-in proxy-server. It supports 24x7 availability with robust replication abilities including the ability to configure multiple master copies.

In-depth user insight

Security Directory Suite integrates with IBM QRadar SIEM for advanced auditing and offers visibility into developing threats and compliance requirements. It provides sample reporting on objects, groups and users based on IBM Cognos software.

Simplified cloud integration

The solution simplifies user management in cloud-based applications and services through SCIM support. It supports the necessary create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations through a Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), and takes advantage of your existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional programming.