Web-based access to the Rational DOORS requirements management solution

IBM Rational DOORS Web Access provides web-based access to create, review, edit, and discuss requirements held in an IBM Rational DOORS database. Rational DOORS Web Access helps you promote collaboration and requirements use in your development process. This web client provides access to central requirements repository and to informal requirements discussions.

  • Requirements repository: Allows stakeholders to contribute new requirements, to analyze or elaborate on existing requirements, and to validate a specification from a web browser.
  • Traceability: Enables development teams to create bi-directional traceability for impact analysis and traceability compliance.
  • Requirements discussion: Promotes collaboration among business users, marketing, suppliers, systems engineers and business analysts through requirements discussions.
  • Scalability: Improves scalability by increasing the number of concurrent users on a single requirements repository.

Requirement repository

  • Lets teams add new requirements to an existing requirements module, view requirements descriptions, and create and edit requirements attributes and traceability links.
  • Lets suppliers or partners contribute and validate requirements.
  • Offers an alternative or precursor to a formal change request or review process to help demonstrate compliance to internal and external standards and mitigate risk.

Requirements discussion

  • Provides access to a Rational DOORS database to participate in informal requirements discussions with Rational DOORS desktop client users.
  • Enables you to open multiple discussion topics about a requirement with multiple users submitting comments against each topic.
  • Marks topics as closed when discussion topics are concluded.

Rational DOORS Web Access resources

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    Learn how Rational DOORS enhances communication and collaboration and ensures project conformance to customer requirements and compliance with regulations and standards.