Improve network efficiency and productivity with automated event actions

IBM® Tivoli® Netcool®/Impact is network management software that automates the support of business-critical functions. It provides a scalable platform that delivers universal access to near real-time data, events and indicators throughout distributed environments. Tivoli Netcool/Impact issues automated service alerts, resulting in faster resolution time.

Tivoli Netcool/Impact features include:

  • Automation of event management tasks for enhanced network operations.
  • Single data management framework for faster access to data throughout multiple sources.
  • Near real-time event correlation to help maximize productivity.
  • Data protection of existing data stores for preserving ownership and control.

Automation of event management tasks

  • Determines exactly when and what actions are automatically taken according to the business impact.
  • Saves time and effort involved in repeatedly performing routine event management tasks manually, such as dynamic event monitoring, event enrichment and event notification.
  • Reduces operation costs with minimized downtime, fewer staff requirements and fewer operator errors.
  • Maximizes operator efficiency and productivity, freeing them to work on higher priority tasks or assignments.
  • Provides near real-time visibility into core business and operational functions, such as billing and order fulfillment, for defining custom actions.

Single data management framework

  • Allows universal access to near real-time data and events from multiple data sources, including external sources such as SQL databases and LDAP servers.
  • Unifies distributed data through a single, actionable reference point.
  • Integrates with third-party applications for tasks, such as billing, network inventory management, customer service or help desk.

Near real-time event correlation

  • Streamlines notification and escalation of events through alert consolidation and simplified error logs.
  • Improves resolution time through near real-time alert status, allowing administrators to isolate, prioritize and assess the event for faster incident handling.
  • Provides contextual information required for facilitating essential services and processes.

Data protection of existing data stores

  • Protects data by accessing it where it resides.
  • Allows data access from existing data stores through a virtual data store, allowing for more flexible use of the data.
  • Helps to avoid security issues related to data access.
  • Preserves investment in existing data stores by controlling delivery of information to or from any data source without the need for migration or replacement.

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