Automate and govern frequently occurring, repeatable decisions

New social-media style interfaces make authoring, changing and executing operational decisions simpler than ever.

  • Building on the success of ILOG JRules, IBM Operational Decision Manager drives a new level of automated decision-making.

  • IBM ODM integrates business events with business rules to enable decision making in real-time. See how Visa Inc. (00:03:21) uses Business Events to give their customers the right offer at the right time.

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  • Recorded Demo
    This self-playing 15 minute demo walks you through the new social media-style capabilities that makes collaborating on business rules simpler than ever.
  • Live Monthly Demos
    Join an IBM expert for a live, online product walk-through with Q&A. Appropriate for business and technical users. Second Wednesday of every month: Sign up for the next one!
  • ODM Sandbox
    Choose from four exercises to learn how IBM ODM automates a wide range of decisions for business users while making it easy to change and govern those decisions.

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