IBM® Rational® Build Forge® Enterprise Edition automates software assembly

An adaptive execution framework that automates and accelerates software assembly processes for improved repeatability, reliability, and faster software and systems delivery.

  • Web console for centralized user and administration access provides a consolidated, real-time view to software assembly processes anytime, anywhere
  • Dynamic server management (server pooling and fault tolerance) optimizes your hardware environment for speed and reliability
  • Job process optimization ensures that jobs are automatically run in the most efficient manner eliminating the need for imperfect human interaction
  • Project configuration snapshots easily manage various project configurations
  • Error log filtering and automated email notifications allow for rapid error detection and resolution
  • Parallel execution of tasks, scheduling and efficient use of hardware enable fast build and release cycles
  • A reliable and automated ‘Bill of Records’ facilitates faster problem resolution, better reproducibility and compliance management
  • Integration with existing development technologies (languages, scripts, etc) makes use of existing investments and enables quick startup
  • Self-service access to preconfigured build processes from within leading IDEs accelerates developer productivity
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, HP-UX, i/OS family, Other Operating Systems, Solaris (Sun microsystems), Solaris (Sun microsystems), Windows family, z/OS

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Automates build and release management processes through an adaptive framework

Allows easy integration with proprietary and third party development tools

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IBM Rational Build Forge Enterprise Edition

Rational Build Forge Enterprise Edition

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