Integrated data driven support for ATM and branch services


What it can do for your business

Use analytics-based, proactive technical support to help optimize ATM and branch services availability. ATMs and other branch services need to be available whenever your customers want them. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to fix issues before they even happen? Our ATM and branch services support provides a predictive maintenance solution using advanced analytics to identify potential concerns; we then help you schedule proactive support services to intervene before customer service is disrupted. IBM can be your single agnostic vendor supporting your multivendor branch environment.



Predictive analytics

Global support infrastructure

Real-time scoring based on advanced text analytics of problem descriptions, call history and machine type to identify potential problems and schedule support. All to drive improved availability. 24x7 support, where ever, whenever to keep your systems running.

Flexible service options

Single source expertise

Accommodate your dynamic business demands with options including managed services and “as a service” support with the stability of a contract. Streamline your support model - manage all of your ATM & branch IT needs from one source, one vendor, one contact.