Technology support for your data center's multi vendor devices

What it can do for your business

Integrated Multivendor Support (IMS) for your Data Center is a service designed to expand the life of your non-IBM server, storage and networking equipment. IBM has 30 years of multi vendor experience to help with cost-effective solutions for end-of-life and end-of-service equipment. Functioning as a single source for your multivendor data center environment, we can offer technical support solutions to fit your needs while helping to optimize system availability, reduce costs and reduce IT complexity.



Make support easy with one contact


Extend your equipment’s life

Get IBM in-depth support

Simplify your data center operations with one contract, There is one number to call whenever you need us and one team focused on your needs. Our lifecycle approach helps you optimize the longevity of your equipment, while enabling more predictable and consistent budgeting through better equipment lifecycle maintenance. IBM technicians support IBM and non-IBM systems giving you a more holistic view – reducing risks, vendors and contracts.

Improve reliability

Enhance scalability

Relieve your staff from the day-to-day burden of IT management and allow them to concentrate on critical business initiatives and innovation. As-a-Service style offerings provide more visibility into IT support costs – allowing for more informed business decisions and investments.


 Five good reasons to use these support services

  • Optimize your return on investment
  • Expert service delivery
  • Simplify technical support with a single point of contact
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better response
  • Support configured to your needs