Efficient endpoint management starts with IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager—built on BigFix technology—helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management. It combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables your team to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints—servers, desktops, roaming laptops, and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. As threats emerge, the software allows you to rapidly remediate, protect, and report on endpoints in real-time. By automating time-intensive tasks across complex networks, you can control costs while reducing risk and supporting compliance. Tivoli Endpoint Manager can be deployed in days for any network size or configuration, providing a very rapid return on investment.


Tivoli Endpoint Manager Modules include: 

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices

Now in Beta testing, this module allows you to leverage the BigFix infrastructure to secure and manage traditional endpoints as well as Apple iOS, Google Android, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows Phone devices.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance

Provides unified, real-time visibility and enforcement to ensure security and compliance, reduce costs and complexity of management while increasing business agility.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Patch Management

Delivers an easy-to-manage, quick-to-deploy solution that provides unified, real time visibility to deploy and manage and patches across all endpoints from a single console.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Core Protection

Delivers real time protection from malware and other malicious threats reducing the business disruptions that can result from attacks on endpoints.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management

Provides centralized, automated, customizable capabilities that help users see and update systems, and remediate issues with continuous management.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Power Management

Supports comprehensive power control among distributed endpoints by enabling enforcement of energy conservation policies, reducing energy usage and costs.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis

Enables customers to understand in real-time what software is installed where throughout their environment for near instant vendor audit response and re-deployment of underutilized licenses.


  • Single intelligent agent for continuous endpoint self-assessment and policy enforcement
  • Real-time visibility and control from a single management console
  • Manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints regardless of location, connection type or status (Endpoints including network-attached servers and desktops, Internet-connected laptops, mobile devices, and specialized equipment such as point-of-sale (POS) devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks)
  • Support heterogeneous platforms—Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux® and Mac operating systems


  • Gain enterprise-wide real-time visibility
  • Reduce management complexity and cost, increase accuracy, and boost productivity
  • Enable rapid response to threats and simplify response to ad-hoc requests to quickly address Zero Day attacks
  • Collapse management actions from weeks / months to hours / days
  • Transparently manage mobile computers, connected or not
  • Easily add new Tivoli Endpoint Manager capabilities with a new license key



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