IBM infrastructure as a service

Secure, rapidly-available virtual resources

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise—IBM’s enterprise-class public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)—delivers secure and scalable hosted IT infrastructure with on-demand access to virtual server and storage resources. Well suited for development and test activities, as well as other dynamic workloads, SmartCloud Enterprise goes beyond competitive IaaS offerings with highly flexible services and IBM’s proven best-in-class security. Powered by six state-of-the-art green IBM data centers, SmartCloud Enterprise availability includes industry-leading IBM service-level agreements of 99.9%.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is part of IBM’s larger SmartCloud framework, which also includes cloud architecture for private and hybrid cloud, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions.

IBM SmartCloud Application Services, IBM's platform as a service offering, runs on top of and deploys virtual resources to IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. This powerful combination of infrastructure and platform services allows clients to develop, test and deploy either "born on the cloud" ("cloud-centric") applications, or legacy ("cloud-enabled") applications. In addition to speeding application development, SmartCloud Application Services also helps bridge the gap between development and operations processes, known as DevOps. Collaborative tools support the DevOps agile service delivery approach, accelerating application deployment from weeks to minutes.

Object storage

Upload unstructured data once and manage it anywhere

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Control access

Achieve greater control over accounts and transparency of user information

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Configurable security

Manage the security of your virtual environments

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise demo

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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

Support mission-critical workloads with committed production-grade SLAs, choice of OS and enterprise-class security.

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Software licensing

Using assets from IBM's catalog of operating systems and software applications requires that the appropriate licenses are in place. And since every organization has different licensing needs and preferences, IBM gives you a choice of models.

Pay as you go

Pay by the hour to use licensed software

Bring your own license

Use cloud provided software using your own previously purchased licenses

Bring your own software and license

Install software you own or for which you hold a valid license

Bring your own Microsoft License

Use cloud provided software using Microsoft’s License Mobility through Software Assurance program

Development use only

Use the software for development at no charge as an eligible Independent Solution Vendor or Systems Integrator


Use on a temporary basis for test use only at no charge

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